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2023/24 Season

2022/23 Season

Show art for the play MR. YUNIOSHI, written and performed by J. Elijah Cho. Cho is pictured holding two black and white photos of actors next to his face. there is a blue curtained background.
Show art for the play THE BURDENS by Matt Schatz. The play title and playwright name are enclosed in text message bubbles, and the background is black and white and has gothic doodles.
Show art for the 2023 Modern Works Festival. A playwright wears a rust colored oversided sweater and round wire frame glasses. They are looking off to the side and smiling. They are seated on a brown leather couch. The background is made up of oversized pieces of paper, and there are white doodles of books and pens in the foreground.
Show art for BIRDS OF NORTH AMERICA by Anna Ouyang Moench. A white detailed sketch of binoculars point at a red silhouette of a bird of prey flying over a dark treeline. In the background is a flock of birds in flight.
A Black military veteran is sitting, elbows resting on his knees and hands clasped, supporting his chin. He wears a sketched virtual reality headset. There is a prismic overlay to the entire photo, which is other wise monochormatic in dark greys and browns.
Show art for that must be the entrance to heaven. A boxer hies his face with a hand, which is wrapped in an ACE bandage. He appears to be blending into a cosmic backgorund of stars and space dust.

2021/22 Season


2020/21 Season

show art for the play CONCEAL AND CARRY by Sean Christopher Lewis. A close up of a glock trigger and handle over a white baground. It reads "COnceal and Carry" by Sean Christopher Lewis Starring Brendan Ragan"
Show art for the play THIRST. The graphic reads: "Urbanite Outdoor Reading Series: THIRST by Ronan Noone" a bottle with texture resembling a pineapple is in the background behind the word THIRST and there are angular green and orange elements overlaying the design.
Show art for SAM and Lizzie by Emily Kaczmarek. There is a tiara in the background and ochre, hot pink, and bright purple angular design elements.
Show art for MONSTERS OF AMERICAN CINEMA. Post reads "Urbanite Outdoor Reading Series: MONSTERS OF AMERICAN CINEMA by Christian St. Croix." The background is orange and yellow two-toned image of a reel of film.
Show art for SAFE HOUSE reading: SAFE HOUSE: created by Brenda Ragan. An Immersive and interactive theatrical experience." The background is of a large, empty room with a door open, causing a beam of light to extend across the ground.
Show art for the 2021 Modern Works Festival Presented by Summer Dawn Wallace. At the bottom, it reads "A playwriting contest, virtual reading festival, and celebration of women in theatre."

2019/20 Season

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2018/19 Season

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In a Word Saturdated.jpg

2017/18 Season


2016/17 Season

2015/16 Season


2015 Inaugural Season

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