by Terry Guest

Directed by Damian Lockhart

Contract Dates: September 28, 2021 - December 12, 2021

Non-Equity: $500/week + travel and housing in Sarasota

This production is not eligible for AEA contracts at this time.



"Courtney Berringers" (Government name: Anthony Knighton) - Male, 20s. Young, poor, Black. Scorpio. Drag divas include (but are not limited to) Whitney, Judy Garland, Diana Ross. A magician on stage who makes the impossible possible. Can stop your heart with a wink.


"Vickie Versailles" (Government name: Hunter Grimes) - Male, 20s. Young, poor, white. Libra. Drag divas include (but are not limited to) Bernadette Peters, Shania Twain, Baby Spice. Has dreams, falls in love, guileless. But make no mistake, Vickie is a star.


Please note: Both roles require confidence and familiarity with drag, strong movement/dance skills, and comfort with intimacy and partial nudity. A certified intimacy coach will be provided. 

Click here for Audition Sides, music and a PDF of the full script

To audition via video submission: Please select one side from the character you wish to audition for, and prepare a 30-60 second lip syncing performance from one of the three music tracks provided. Send your materials to submissions@urbanitetheatre.com using the audition instructions below.



When submitting a video audition, please follow these guidelines carefully:


   1. Film yourself standing, with your scene partner(s) off camera. If the scene calls for you to be sitting, make sure we can see more than just your face. Please use a horizontal orientation.

   2. Load your video to YouTube or Vimeo, and send us the link. We will not accept emailed video files.

   3. On YouTube, please make your video setting PUBLIC or UNLISTED. Do not make videos PRIVATE, as we need to share your audition with the director and artistic directors via email, and PRIVATE videos are not shareable links. 

   4. On Vimeo, please set your viewing settings to PUBLIC or PASSWORD, and supply us your password.

   5. Send your video link to submissions@urbanitetheatre.com with your headshot and resume, and please let us know your union status and if you'll need local housing in Sarasota. Please write "Audition Video - SHOW TITLE" in the subject field.


Urbanite Theatre strives to create an inclusive artistic home by casting as broadly and diversely as possible. We acknowledge that many roles we list fall on the gender binary, but invite transgender, gender non-comforming, non-binary performers to read for the roles (cisgender or otherwise) they most identify with.


We gladly embrace actors of all physical abilities, and we will make reasonable accommodations in order to cast performers, regardless of disability, in any role. Unless the required race or ethnicity of a role is intrinsically tied to the dramatic action or plot, we will cast any race or ethnicity in all roles.


We believe the theater should always be a refuge from harassment and oppression, and we continue to work to make opportunity more accessible. If you feel there may be something more we can do to pursue that goal, or if there are any accommodations we can provide, please contact us at info@urbanitetheatre.com and write "Casting" in the subject field.



The fundamental identity of Urbanite Theatre has always been prioritizing people over production. We're interested in relentlessly talented professional artists, and we have exceptionally high standards for our actors.


At the audition, we expect you to be intimately familiar with the play and very comfortable with the audition sides, enough to act with presence, action, and sensitivity. We also expect that you'll be prepared, which includes arriving early, having several printed copies of your up-to-date, professional headshot and resume, and having your own copies of the audition sides. Please also remember that your audition starts with your submission email. 


With that said, please know that we create a very relaxed audition atmosphere, and we want you to be perfect for the role as badly as you do. We will always cast actors who demonstrate honesty, subtlety, listening, and most importantly, the ability to take direction. Break a leg!


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