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The internship program at Urbanite Theatre helps aspiring theatre professionals learn the skills and practices that can turn an academic theatre interest into a professional theatre career. Interns at Urbanite Theatre will receive daily, hands-on experience in a professional theatre environment and gain vital insight into theater operation. With a small staff, Urbanite offers an extremely unique opportunity to experience theater production in a direct, practical learning environment with constant one-on-one attention. Interns are compensated on a weekly basis, commensurate with experience.

Internships are available on a per-production basis, and we are always accepting applications.

Please send cover letter and resume to


Departments Available:


Assist the Production Stage Manager with rehearsal, production meetings, and running performances. Stage Management interns will track props and costumes, take line notes, record blocking, prepare the rehearsal space, assist in planning and scheduling, and participate in show-specific management and running-crew assignments.



Assist our Production Manager on organizing the technical departments, and observe the professional design process. Grow your technical skills and learn industry techniques as a member of the production team. Some technical production interns may specialize by department, including carpentry, electrics, sound and more.



Work directly under the Producing Artistic Director on day-to-day business operations including development and marketing. As an addition to organizational leadership, you'll provide assistance in season planning, producing, fundraising and company management.


Work directly with the marketing team to assist in the day-to-day needs. Duties may include social media management, copywriting, content creation, project management/calendar management, and attending events. 

To be considered, interns must:

-Live in the Sarasota area

-Be at least 18 years old

-Have a valid driver's license and/or reliable transportation


If you're still in high school but have an interest in becoming an intern, we also have special opportunities that may work for you. Email to find out more.

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