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The Gallery at Urbanite Theatre is a place where unique artwork can be found. Solo shows by a local artist reflect the themes of the production being performed. Sales from The Gallery exhibit are split between the artist and a selected local non-profit. We encourage the submission of local artists to keep the community connected. 

Artist Dion Kurczek in partnership with

Also Youth

About the Artist:

Dion Kurczek is a Sarasota based abstract artist. His fluid paintings have been likened to “melting Caravaggios”.  Dion works with colorful acrylic inks, oils, and other chemicals to produce dramatic compositions that emphasize stark contrasts of lights against darks, and a proliferation of intricate details.  His artistic journey began in the year 2000, when he was struck by some abstract paintings at a local art walk and was determined to learn what made a “stunning” abstract. He began a prolonged period of self-study, coupled with personal instruction under successful abstract painters he admired, including Maxine Masterfield and Cody Hooper.  Recently, he has introduced new components into his process, including epoxy resin, and silicone oil, in his continuing experiments in this fascinating fluid medium.


Learn more about Dion.

About the Non-Profit:

The mission of Also Youth is to provide Advocacy, Leadership, Support, and Outreach to LGBTQIA youth and their allies.  The Also Youth vision is to see that all persons live their lives with dignity, honesty, and pride, regardless of their real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. 

Learn more about Also Youth.

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