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Urbanite Season 11 Wix Banner Art (1500 x 495 px) (1500 x 700 px) (2).jpg
Urbanite Season 11 Wix Banner Art (1500 x 495 px) (1500 x 700 px) (4).png

Back for the fifth year and taking place at Urbanite Theatre, the Modern Works Festival is a five-day playwriting contest, reading festival, and celebration of women in theatre.


Jennifer Who Is Leaving Things to Do in Downtown Sarasota October 2024 November 2024 Decem

Nan is working the night shift at Dunkin, fielding frequent calls from her husband, who needs help finding…everything. Meanwhile, Jennifer is doing her best to ignore Joey, the aging patient wearing down her…patience. At the same time, Lili is overwhelmed by the looming pressure of the SAT exam and her father’s insistence that she go to work the night before the test.

Set in a lonely Dunkin Donuts alongside a Massachusetts highway, JENNIFER WHO IS LEAVING poignantly and humorously captures the demands placed on women, delving into the physical, emotional, and mental toll of caregiving–and the moments that push us to the edge.

Astronaut Molly Jennis has embarked on an interplanetary expedition following her husband’s tragic, failed attempt to reach Mars. As the first to the Red Planet, she faces not only the dangers of solitude and the unknown frontier, but also the haunting reflections of her past decisions.

SPACEMAN is a weightless, full-sensory, surround-sound exploration of both the challenges of space travel and the uncharted future that awaits Molly at her Martian destination.

No One is Forgotten Winter Miller.jpg
By Winter Miller No One is Forgotten Play Sarasota March 2025 April 2025.png

U.S. citizens Lali and Beng are being held prisoner in a small, dirty cement cell. Where have they been taken? How much time has passed? Are they alive? Has their story been broadcast to the world? How did they get here? What will happen to them?

Inspired by true accounts of the plight of captured and detained journalists and aid workers, NO ONE IS FORGOTTEN is a story about intimacy, surrender, and the will to live for someone else.

From 145th to 98th street.jpg
From 145th to 98th street harlem play sarasota may 2025 june 2025.png

When Jackie and Cedric moved their family from the heart of Harlem to 98th Street, they did so to create better economic opportunities for their children. But when their son, Jamal, is wrongfully accused of a crime and their daughter, Fatima, doubts her college plans, the Curtly family must either come together in adversity or watch as their clashing quests for success pull them apart.

A riveting drama that captures the Curtly family’s struggles and triumphs, FROM 145TH TO 98TH STREET chronicles a family’s challenge to reconcile what they each want and what they think is best for each other.

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