At the Wake of a Dead Drag Queen

by Terry Guest
Directed by Damian Lockhart

October 29 - December 5, 2021


In rural Georgia, drag star Courtney Berringers (given name: Anthony Knighton) would like to welcome you to her wake. She has recently died from complications due to AIDS, you see. But make no mistake, this isn’t your grandma’s funeral. There will be no black frocks, no perfumed flowers, and definitely no crying. Tonight is a celebration.   

“Fascinating, captivating, and heart-wrenching”
-Chicago Theatre Review


“With a heavy dose of humor, audience participation, and spectacular choreography, this lively play makes the audience forget we’re watching a ghost story.”

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This production is made possible in part by Co-Producers Chase & Robin Curtis and Associate Producers Barbara Jacob, Nanette Crist, and Carole and Malcom Schwartz.



Donovan Session



Artistic Director
Artistic Director
Production Stage Manager
Scenic Design
Lighting Design
Sound Design
Projections & Master Electrician
Props Design
Master Carpenter
Costume Design
Wig Design
Intimacy Director

COVID Compliance Officer

Terry Guest

Brendan Ragan

Summer Wallace

Damian Lockhart

Tori Heikenfeld

Jeff Weber

Ethan Vail

Rew Tippin

Alex Pinchin

Amanda LaForge

Eugene Alcorn

David Covach

Susan Haldeman

Dan Granke

Joe Niessen

Jess Pope

Shea Petersen