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2017/2018 Season

summer series


by Natalie Symons

Directed by Daniel Kelly

A World Premiere

June 9 - July 2

Amy, a transgender teenage girl from Seattle, and Nell, a dying woman who’s lived most of her life on the streets of Detroit, find themselves in an unlikely meeting in a Florida motel room to discuss publishing Nell’s childhood memoir. An intimate tale of survival, redemption, and the desperate need to share our stories, Naming True investigates how to persevere in the absence of hope.

Content Disclaimer: Contains adult language.

Approximately 80 minutes, no intermission.


by Claire Kiechel

Directed by Carl Forsman

Regional Premiere

August 4 - September 10

On a ship to colonize a newly discovered planet, a soldier and a teenage girl find themselves quarantined in one of the ship’s cabins with only an outdated robot and each other for company. When they’re no longer able to create fantasies to escape their past lives, the two cabin-mates are forced to explore their own traumatic histories in order to connect and survive.


Content Disclaimer: Contains violence, strong sexual content and brief nudity.


Approximately 90 minutes, no intermission.

winter/spring series


by Henry Naylor

Directed by Brendan Ragan

Regional Premiere

November 17 - December 17

Tillie and Samira were born 175 years apart, but their parallel stories eerily mirror one another across generations. Tillie is a Victorian pioneer woman sent to Afghanistan to fulfill wifely duties for an officer of the British Raj, while Samira is a Muslim schoolgirl who runs away to Syria to become the jihadi bride of an ISIS fighter. Both are confronted with tragedy in war-torn lands as they face the oppressive realities of their male-dominated landscapes.


Content Disclaimer: Contains adult themes.


Approximately 65 minutes, no intermission.


by Jonathan Fielding & Brenda Withers

Directed by Summer Wallace

Regional Premiere

January 26 - March 11

Trapped underground after a deadly collapse, a coal miner finds his salvation in the arrival of a young and inexperienced first responder. While they wait for additional rescue assistance, they discover they have a curious amount in common. As the men confront mortality, their connection may unearth a deeper revelation about acceptance and spiritual refuge.


Content Disclaimer: Contains adult language


Approximately 90 minutes, no intermission.


by Sheila Callaghan

Directed by Ria Cooper

Regional Premiere

April 6 - May 13 (Extended!)

Award-winning playwright Sheila Callaghan breaks all the rules of our image-obsessed culture in this raw, audacious comedy about the unreasonable expectations demanded of women and their bodies.  Gleefully vulgar, bitingly poignant and raucously unafraid, Women Laughing Alone With Salad is a gender-bending feminist fantasia with balls.

Content Disclaimer: Contains adult language, strong sexual content and violence with lettuce.


Approximately 120 minutes, with one intermission.

limited engagements


by Nassim Soleimanpour

In association with Aurora Nova Productions and Boat Rocker Entertainment, in collaboration with Ringling International Arts Festival


October 25 - November 5

The play you are about to see is sealed inside an envelope. One actor will perform it, but they’ve never seen the script and never rehearsed it. In fact, there is a new actor every performance. There is no director. Slyly humorous and audaciously pointed, this theater-entertainment-meets-social-experiment is unlike anything you’ve experienced. In collaboration with Ringling International Arts Festival, this special event will play just 10 performances at Urbanite Theatre, with 10 different actors. We dare you not to google for more.

Content Disclaimer: We honestly don't know.


Between 60-90 minutes?


Choreographed and Directed by Leah Verier-Dunn

A Guest Performance

RESCHEDULED: October 4 - 7

Following the sold out performances of last season's To Have and Uphold, Moving Ethos Dance is back with a brand new work, directed by Leah Verier-Dunn. 


and back again portrays the electric nature of relationships, highlighting the patterns that develop in our choices and the effect those choices play on our love stories.  Join Moving Ethos Dance for another fully charged, visceral dance experience.

Content Disclaimer: Some mature themes, but suitable for most ages.


Approximately 70 minutes​

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