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limited engagements

Not available as a part of any subscription package.

Moving ethos presents:

and back again

Choreographed and Directed

by Leah Verier-Dunn

Following the sold out performances of last season's To Have and Uphold, Moving Ethos Dance is back with a brand new work, directed by Leah Verier-Dunn. 


and back again portrays the electric nature of relationships, highlighting the patterns that develop in our choices and the effect those choices play on our love stories.  Join Moving Ethos Dance for another fully charged, visceral dance experience.

Content Disclaimer: 

Some mature themes,  but suitable for most ages.

Approximately  70 minutes

SEPT 13 - 17

Not available as a part of any subscription package.

In association with Aurora Nova Productions and Boat Rocker Entertainment, in collaboration with Ringling International Arts Festival

white rabbit

red rabbit

by nassim soleimanpour

The play you are about to see is sealed inside an envelope. One actor will perform it, but they’ve never seen the script and never rehearsed it. In fact, there is a new actor every performance. There is no director. Slyly humorous and audaciously pointed, this theater-entertainment-meets-social-experiment is unlike anything you’ve experienced. In collaboration with Ringling International Arts Festival, this special event will play just 10 performances at Urbanite Theatre, with 10 different actors. We dare you not to google for more.

Content Disclaimer: We honestly don't know.

Approximately 60 minutes?

OCT 25 -

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