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Urbanite Idea Exchange

At Urbanite Theatre, we believe that theatre has the power to start the conversations that can change communities. To pursue art in action, we offer a series of free, enriching outreach programs that carry the momentum of our performances into the community.

Talkback Thursdays

After every Thursday performance, join the actors from the show for a short conversation about the process behind making the production come to life. These lively, insightful discussions are great opportunities to engage directly with professional theater artists about the challenges, breakthroughs and discoveries that make each process unique. Free, approximately 15-20 minutes.

Community Forums

Urbanite Community Forums are brief, illuminating discussions that take place immediately following a performance. These talks are designed to enhance the theatergoing experience by connecting audiences with experts in their fields to examine the themes, concepts, and questions explored in our productions. Free, approximately 30 minutes.


Wednesday, June 19th, Tensions of Stigmas. Meet the panelists.

Pam Herons  (Counselor, MA, LMHC)

Jennifer Lieberman (Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT)

Asha M. Griffith (Counselor, MA, LMHC)

Bill Woodson (Outreach, Engagement & Inclusion, New College of Florida)



Wednesday, August 14th, Gender Discourse  Meet the panelists.
Dr. Diego Villada (Assistant Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies at New College of Florida)

Charlie Klenk (Dramaturg)

Sheila Foley (Staff member, Title IX investigator and a member of the Committee on Campus Climate and Culture


Wednesday, December 4th, Cultural Stereotypes Meet The Panelists

Candice L. Johnson

Jessica K. Young

Dr. Diego Villada

Sal White Horse Serbin



Wednesday, January 29th, Social Media's Influence on Narcissism Meet the Panelists

Eliza Ladd

Dr. Diego Villada

Maddie Heath

Wednesday, February 12th, Social Media's Influence on Narcissism Meet the Panelists

Amy Warren

Dr. Kathryn Jann


Wednesday, April 1st, Fear, Loneliness and Anxiety

Panelists TBA

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